Getting started with composting is so much easier than you think!

I have put together this comprehensive 12-page starter guide to help you understand the 4 rules of composting and what systems you can use.

Every garden need a compost system

Top Reasons You Need A Compost System In Your Garden

Free Fertiliser

Compost is full of life! Bateria, microbes, nutrients, worms and other goodies.

These are all critical to your soil health and ultimately your plant health.


Your garden soil needs air flow to be healthy. Worms are great and making space for air as they move through the soil. Compost provides worms!

Less Disease

Healthy soil make strong plants. Strong plants are more resistant to pests and disease. this means more food for you! Plus you don't need to use chemicals.

Waste Management

When you compost your kitchen scraps and green waste you are adding to the fabric of nature and not adding to landfill.

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