Keeping chickens is so much easier than you think!

Here is a simple Beginners 'chicklist' to help you get started.

Whether you want to start with 2 or 20 chickens this is the list you need!

Top Reasons You Need Chickens In Your Garden

Free Fertiliser

Chicken manure is full of rich nutrients. This is because where most animals loose crucial elements through their liquid waste birds are an all in one nutrient machine. Just make sure to age it before putting it on your garden.


It almost goes without saying that home grown eggs are so much better for you, for the chicken and for the environment. Give them kitchen scraps to ensure a diverse range of vitamins.

Less Bugs

Chickens are very good at knocking down the bug population. Flies, larvae, mosquitos, spiders you name it they will just about eat it. You can even breed your own meal worms if you are into that kinda thing.

Great Fun

Ask any chicken owner and they will tell you that they can watch their flock for hours. They may look similar but they all have their big personality. Many love hugs and pats, others like to just sit in the sun with you.

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